De La Mesa

Chris & Jennifer Benson

Please welcome Chris and Jennifer Benson to De La Mesa!  They purchased 750 Ramirez Avenue in July from Jennifer’s parents, Sam and Ann Marie Gervase.  They will be using the home as a rental property for now.

Chris and Jen currently reside in Fairport, NY.  Chris owns and operates his own business.  He is an orthopedic massage therapist at Muscular Rehab Center.  Jen is the Director of Corporate Learning and Development for Nature’s Bounty, a company that markets vitamins and owns many other companies also.

Their red toy poodle, Bella completes their family.

These two are very active people!  Chris enjoys photography, golf, scuba diving, remote control drones, boats, and cars, as well as motorcycles and jeeps.  Jen enjoys golf, cooking, and entertaining.  Together they enjoy kayaking, swimming, and boating, plus much more.  They also both have competed in many triathlon competitions.