De La Mesa

Jim & Sandy Wiersma - March 2020

Please welcome Jim and Sandy Wiersma to DLM!  They moved into 747 Ramirez on March 18 th , purchasing from Tim Glaser.  They hail from Rockford, Michigan, which is close to Grand Rapids.  

Jim’s career was spent serving as the Vice CEO of finance for Hope Network Brain Recovery Center. The center mostly housed trauma victims of brain injuries.  In a twist of fate, Jim ended up spending three months there after he had a major stroke eleven years ago.  Unfortunately, Jim’s stroke has left him confined to a wheelchair and he is also uncommunicative.  However, he loves social events and loves to be a part of conversations.  He looks forward to getting to know all the neighbors. He also is an avid jigsaw puzzle maker, having completed more than 400!

Sandy loved her career as a switchboard operator for a local bank. 

Before his stroke, Jim enjoyed woodworking, and riding motorcycles.  Since Jim is a civil war buff, they really enjoyed traveling to civil war battlefields on the motorcycle.  

Sandy is a real dynamo!  For four years before moving to The Villages, she was the entertainment director at their independent living facility.  She lead all the chair exercises, bingo, and cardio drumming.  She is interested in maybe starting some of those activities in the neighborhood, as soon as we no longer have to social distance.  She used to play golf, but has not done so in many years.  However, she may consider taking that up again.  She is going to take bocce lessons, and she and Jim still enjoy shuffleboard together, and previously were on a league.  You will often seen Sandy riding her 3-wheeled pink bicycle around the neighborhood, with Jim in tow in his electric scooter. Sandy is really looking forward to the social events here and is anxious to help on the committee.  

Jim has one son and a granddaughter.  Sandy has one son and a daughter who is deceased.