De La Mesa

Noreen Whalen - May 2020

Please welcome Noreen Whalen to DLM!  She purchased 705 Hernandez from Jim Lau.  She is originally from Maryland and is a full-time resident of The Villages.

Noreen has lived in The Villages for seventeen years, and this is her fourth home, but she plans on this being her last.  She is currently living at her home in The Village of Gilchrist until it sells.  It is on the market, but she is glad to have this time to remodel the new home while it is empty.  She has lots of ideas to improve the inside as well as the yard.  She loves the view of the park!

Noreen received her degree in Computer Science and she worked as an analyst in mainframe programs  She worked both for the government in Washington, DC, and for the private sector in Maryland.

She has a son, daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters, aged 29 and 24.

Noreen enjoys golf, working out at the gym, reading and travel.  She looks forward to attending our social events and getting to know everyone.