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De La Mesa Exterior Wall Condition - March 3, 2019

I took a walk around the entire four outside walls of De la Mesa Sunday. Rio Grande wall is in fairly good physical shape, and probably has the best paint on it. The golf cart path wall is in fairly good shape, but the paint on it is in several different shades of close to our color. There are also places where water is behind the paint and the paint is bulging away from the wall, along with numerous small cracks along the block lines. The Panama wall is in fairly good shape overall except for a few notable spot is where a nest of fire ants have apparently taken up residence inside the wall. The Hernandez wall is in poor condition. I'm very surprised the residents have not turned us in before now. Most of the pics showing major holes, cracks, and crumbling is from the Hernandez wall. It is my understanding lightening hit that wall in the recent past. There is an utility easement along the west side of the Hernandez wall, but residents have used the easement for landscaping. In many places the landscaping is growing so dense and so close to the wall that it will need to be either removed or trimmed back three feet to allow repair work and painting. The wall is many different colors, and no part of the wall looks even somewhat respectable. In my opinion, the west side of the Hernandez wall needs our attention soon. However, we need to resolve the plants and trees growing against the wall before we can attempt maintenance. This will be part of a broad maintenance discussion at the March board meeting. 
Pictures can be seen by clicking HERE .

Steve Eikenberry, President De la Mesa



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