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CHRISTMAS THANK YOU Updated Nov. 14,  2020
Several members of the community have started a Christmas gift fund to thank John, the person that keeps our pool in such good condition 7 days a week all year long.  If you are interested in participating, please take you cash donation to:
Barb Ryburn at 742 Hernandez Dr.
Penny Houdek at 616 Dominguez Dr.
Marcia Paholski at 616 Delgado Ave.
2021 NOMINATING COMMITTEE Updated Oct. 30,  2020
The Nominating Committee for the 2021 election of HOA officers are Marcia Paholski, Marcie Reynolds and Joyce Coles. Click here for their contact information that can also be found under HOA information, Committees & Teams. 

Steve Eikenberry, Lynn Camadine and Jenny Wolfram have all notified the committee and board of their intent to run for re-election.  If any homeowner wishes to run for election to the board and have their name on the proxy, they must notify a committee member on or  before November 30, 2020 .

Proxies will be mailed with your yearly statements in early December, 2020.

CHARLIE & MARYANN RAETHER,   Updated Oct. 23,  2020
Dear Neighbors...Welcome Charlie Raether & MaryAnn who are visiting from Mexico at my villa (the DeCoopman-Moraniec villa.)  625 Dominguez.  Not sure how long they're staying.  Hopefully, they'll be at the TGIF tomorrow (Fri. l0/23/20)!
Kathy DeCoopman-Moraniec

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