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Steve Eikenberry runs a  Wednesday morning  golf group. We play 18 hole championship courses. Priority membership is mandatory. We play all over, and I try to move from north, to middle, to south. We have guys from all over TV. We use a quota system where 10 points is a hole in one, 6 points is an eagle, 4 points a birdie, 2 points a par, and 1 point a bogey. You play against your own quota, which is established the first few rounds of play. We pay four or five places, depending how many guys each week. Everyone kicks in $5, with $1 going towards closest to the pin on each nine, and the $4 going towards prize money. Once a guy gets to double bogey, picking up your ball is encouraged, but not mandatory. Since you play against your quota it doesn't matter which tee you use, although no "friendly tees" allowed. We have guys playing from the blues, whites, and greens. Some of us also go to lunch at the country club where we play, but that's optional.

The group of guys varies in size with about 14 in the summer to about 25 or so in the winter. Snow birds are welcome. It's a great group of guys. We play by rules of golf w/ a couple local rules added in. Playing ability is wide and varied, so being a great golfer is not a requirement. If you'd like to try it out, let me know and give me your Villages ID number. If you decide after a couple weeks it's not for you, no worries.

FYI. we also play on Saturdays, almost always at Hacienda, same format, but a different guy runs it. You'd be welcome in that group too.

If interested, contact me, Steve Eikenberry, at  or text/phone  260.437.9560

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